ALCHEMIC: Creative Conditioner PINK

These rosy tones will brighten up any shade of light hair.
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  • Alchemic Creative Conditioners let you express your bolder side. They're perfect for both naturally light blonde or bleached hair.
  • Alchemic Creative Conditioners will not modify the natural colour of hair. They'll only layer on the outside of the hair stem and fade after several shampoos. The duration of the color depends on a few factors:
    • Porosity and hair health - on natural and healthy hair, colour can fade more quickly than on porous or bleached hair
    • The colour you choose - the more intense it is, the longer it will last. Pastel colors like Rose, Coral and Lavender will fade faster than the more intense Navy Blue and Teal Blue

[tab name="how to use"]
  • Evenly apply the product to shampooed, damp or dry hair
  • Leave on for 5-8 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly and style


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